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EXPIRED Powerade only $0.49 at Valu King! Free Lettuce and Salad Dressing Too! WhoNu? Cookies Scenario

on August 3, 2011

This week at Valu King you can snag 10 Powerades for only $4.90!  Each drink is usually $0.79, but if you received Valu King’s weekly flier in your mailbox this past Tuesday, be sure to clip the $3 off 10 Powerades coupon on the bottom front of the flier.  You just can’t beat $0.49 for Powerade!

Also be sure to clip the free Iceberg Lettuce coupon and the free Wish Bone Salad Dressing coupon from the front of the flier as well if you plan on spending at least $10 at Valu King.  (These items will be free if you have the coupons and spend at least $10 on other items.  Again, these coupons are only on the weekly flier that you receive by mail, they are NOT available in the fliers at the store.  You can also use the coupons from last weeks’ fliers for two more free items if you saved those coupons.  They expire tomorrow I believe.  I did not save mine so I do not remember what they were.)  So you will be about at $10 if you use the Powerade deal (the Powerades will ring up at $7.90 for 10, so all you need is another $2.10 in merchandise to make the $10 mark!).

Also on sale are the WhoNu? cookies for $2.88 each.  If you printed the BOGO coupon from a few weeks ago, now is a good time to use that coupon along with the $1 coupon from the newspaper a couple weeks ago.  If you do this right, you purchase 2 packages of cookies and pay only $1.88 for two packages of cookies (use one BOGO coupon and one $1 off coupon to cover each package of cookies).

So here’s a possible scenario that  I would do for my family:

Jennifer’s Valu King Scenario

10 Powerades for $4.90 with coupon (Counts as $7.90 of your total transaction, this is the total before the coupon is applied)

4 packages of WhoNu? Cookies for $3.76 using two BOGO coupons and two $1 off coupons

Iceberg Lettuce FREE with coupon

Wishbone Dressing FREE with coupon

TOTAL OOP (Out of Pocket) SPENT: Approx. $8.66

As an aside, I am usually very picky about where I get fresh meat for the family.  I only buy my hamburger from Giant Eagle because my local store grinds their own meat, so I know there are no chemicals going into the meat.  I have bought other types of meat from Valu King and have found that they are pretty good.  Their prices are amazing and they have a lot of business, so I know their meat does not sit.  Again, I shy away from buying ground meat from anywhere but Giant Eagle, but items like chicken legs and city chicken have tasted just fine from other places in my opinion.  So you might want to check out Valu King’s Meat Section – if you are like I used to be, you may usually just skip the Meat Section in a store you do not usually go to, especially a “discount” store.  Valu King has good prices  and their packages are not vacuum sealed (a good indicator that the meat is not old and full of crap in my opinion).


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