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Jennifer’s Coupon Match Up – Marc’s Sales August 2nd Thru August 8th

on August 5, 2011

I notice that Marc’s has Powerade at 10 for $6.50, but Valu King beat them by almost $2.  If you missed that posting, check it out HERE.

Here are some deals I found that I have coupons for.  They are color coded based on the following color system:

GREEN – Worthwhile Savings (The savings are in the right zone, based upon past sales, this is the best deal or one of the best deals so far)

ORANGE – Moderate Savings (The savings are ok, but a better deal may come along soon)

RED – Little Savings (You might want to wait until a better deal comes along before making this purchase)



Tide 2x Laundry Detergent 48-64 Load 100 oz. $10.99Use the $1 off one Tide Detergent coupon from Sunday’s P&G coupons, making this only $9.99.

Puffs Tissue 100 ct. 4 Pack $2.99 No coupon in my arsenal, but savings are moderate.  I am watching out for Kleenex brand sales as I have coupons.

M&M’s Chocolate Candies 9.9-14 oz. 2/$5 – Use the $1/2 M&M’s bags coupon from past paper coupon inserts, making each bag $2 each. (I personally would rather buy single candy bars at 2/$0.79 from Drug Mart!)

Nesquick Chocolate Syrup 22 oz. $1.88 – Use the $0.50 off any one Nesquick Product from past papers, making this $1.38.

Folgers Country Roast Coffee 34.5 oz. $7.49 – Use the $1 off coupon (gave it to my Aunt, cannot remember the size restriction, so if I am wrong, let me know), making each canister $6.49.  I am making this a worthwhile savings – if you are a coffee snob and only drink Folgers, this is a good deal.

Keebler Granola Fudge Bars or Fudge Shop Cookies $2.49 – Use the $0.75 off coupon or $1/2 from past Sunday coupon inserts, making each box $1.74 or $1.49. (These are always going on sale at Giant Eagle and you can double coupons for added savings, I suggest going to GE instead of Marc’s for this item).

Kelloggs Cereals $3.79 – There are several coupons you could use, but I am not even going to do a scenario with this price.  It is much more centsible to wait for one of the regular Giant Eagle sales where the cereal goes down to around $2.  Then you can use double coupons and double your savings.

Renuzit 3-Pack Adjustable Air Freshener 2/$5 – Use the B2G1 Coupon from the 8/2/11 Red Plum coupon insert, getting another 3 pack free.  So that is 9 air fresheners for $5 or $0.55 each.

Bic and Soleil Razors $5.97-$6.49 – Don’t even waste your time.  Take the $2 or $3 coupons you have saved, go over to Giant Eagle and save yourself at least $2 per item!

Ragu Pasta Sauce 66 oz $3.99 – Use the $0.60 on three coupon from 8/4/11 coupons, making each jar $3.79.  Keep in mind these are the big jars.  The only other Ragu on sale are the Lite Pasta Sauce and Cheesy Sauce at $2.09 each, using the coupon would make them $1.89 each.  Still sucky savings in my opinion.  Giant Eagle is running a sale on Ragu and the coupon doubles to $1.20 off three.

Gillette Body Wash 12-16 oz. $3.29 – This is a pretty good deal, not amazingly awesome, but good.  Use the $2 coupon from the 8/2/11 P&G coupon insert, making each body wash only $1.29.  Not too shabby!

Old Spice High Endurance Anti-Perspirant Deodorant $1.99 – Use the $1 off coupon off Old Spice Deodorant from the 7/31/11 P&G coupon insert, making each deodorant $0.99.

Ultra Dawn Dish Detergent 2/$4 –  Use two $0.50 off one Dawn coupons from the 8/2/11 P&G coupon insert, making each bottle $1.50.

Tide Stain Release In-Wash Booster 18 ct. $4.99 – Use the $1.50 off Tide Stain Release coupon from the 8/2/11 P&G coupon insert, dropping the price per bag to $3.49.  These were only $2.99 a couple weeks ago using Giant Eagle’s sale and older coupons.

Oral B Stages Toothpaste at $2.50 and Oral B Zooth or Crest Kids Toothbrushes at $1.97 – Save $0.50 on each item using the coupons for each from the 8/2/11 P&G coupon insert.  This sale is blah.  You can save way more doubling coupons at Giant Eagle or stacking a store and manufacturer’s coupon at Target.


I am in no way endorsing Giant Eagle only.  I am a big fan of them because THEY DOUBLE COUPONS!  I want to provide you with real savings options.  Once I am further into this and perhaps have a national audience, I can provide you with both, like I did with Giant Eagle’s listing on my blog for this week.  The problem I am running into is that I cannot find a listing of Marc’s weekly specials that I can easily post.  Instead, I have to do it the old fashioned way – look through the ad and my coupons in order to post what is on sale.  So until my audience grows and I get some feedback from Marc’s on how to correctly and more easily post their information, I will continue to peruse their ad and let you know what I find that I think is worth noting.

There are plenty of other items on sale at Marc’s that there are coupons available for, but to be honest, it is not worth my time to list them.  The prices after the sale and coupon application are not enough for me to report them to you right now.  Pending the two conditions outlined above, this will change.


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