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My Take on Register Rewards, UP Rewards, Etc (Getting Credit to Spend on Your Next Purchase)

on August 5, 2011

I find these rewards and money back perks to be awesome, but they are missing one big thing in my opinion…

I don’t want to have to SPEND money to get that money back.  I do not see the IMMEDIATE value in spending $4 to get $4 back in store credit.  Spending $4 to get $5 back in store credit is another story…

While it is still saving, I am the type of shopper who does not have the money on the front end to spend immediately, only to get store credit back.  So $4 for me is not worth spending just to get $4 credit for that store.  I could use that $4 on other things, in other places, at other times.

I understand how shoppers can say that you spend $4, get store credit for $4 off your next transaction, so the item or items are free, but those items literally were not free, so they are not free!  We can spin the definition of free all we want, which is fine.  I, however, am taking the term free quite literally.  I want to walk out of the store having paid NOTHING or as close to it as possible.  I do not want store credit in exchange for my money.

Sure, I get product and store credit in exchange for my money, but I want the thing for free.  If I had a larger budget, this whole rewards thing would work fine, it just rubs me the wrong way when you see a listing for FREE Mouthwash! – then you read the posting and you actually have to spend $$ out of pocket in order to get store credit, thus spinning the definition of free.  If I have to pay more than $2 out of pocket in order to get a reward that is less than that, it is not worth my time.  I want to actually MAKE money on the transaction or get things for FREE, not have to spend money and break even.

For me, it is the difference between a few gallons of gas and $20 in register rewards at Walgreens.  That register reward is not going into my tank unless I purchase a gas gift card or something like that. I pick the gas instead of the store credit.  Again, with a bigger budget, I would reconsider.  However, my money has to go in certain places as of now, so these Rewards are out for me unless I get money back or have to spend very, very little.


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