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EXPIRED Join Walgreens Balance Rewards Before Sept. 15th for a Chance to Win 1 Million Balance Reward Points!

on September 12, 2012

Have you heard the buzz about Walgreens Balance Rewards?  The program is another great reason to shop at Walgreens!  Register Rewards will continue to be available (yay!) as Walgreens introduces Walgreens Balance Rewards.

So what is Walgreens Balance Rewards anyway?

Walgreens is rolling out their new Balance Rewards program starting on September 16th.   You earn points that accumulate and eventually earn you store credit.  Here are the payout levels:

1)   5,000 points = $5
2)  10,000 points = $10
3)  18,000 points = $20
4)  30,000 points = $30
5)  40,000 = $50
You can earn points a few different ways – have the cashier scan your Balance Rewards card at checkout, give the cashier your telephone number or have the cashier scan your Smartphone (you will need to have the Walgreens app on your phone, download it from your app store). You can also earn points for specific purchases, for filling prescriptions through Walgreens pharmacy (which you can even do by using the Walgreens app) or for completing miles through Walk with Walgreens.
Program Rules:
  •  Points will not be earned on a purchase in which you are redeeming points.
  • You do not have to redeem your points once you reach a certain payout amount.  You can let them keep accruing.
  • AARP members get five exclusive bonus points offers and 5,000 points with a $25 or more purchase (link your AARP card with your Balance Rewards card online or by calling 855-225-0400).
  • Points will not expire as long as the Balance Rewards members remain active by shopping at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem points within three years.
  • Balance Rewards members can access points through checkout, online or by mobile device.
 Register for Walgreens Balance Rewards before September 15th for a chance to win 1 million Balance Rewards Points!
Online enrollment began on  September 6th and ends Saturday, September 15th.
The program officially starts on Sunday, September 16th when the Balance Rewards program will launch nationwide in stores and through your Walgreens app (which has the Balance Rewards section blocked until then).
To learn more on this new program or to join now, head on over to the Balance Rewards page.
Here’s to saving!

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