Cleveland Coupon Divas

Don’t see the Point in Signing up for Those Free Magazines? Think Again!

on September 24, 2012

Today’s freebie check consists of a fist full of those coupons mailed to me from and three magazines (Dirt Rider, Family Fun and Babytalk):

When I first started couponing, I thought that signing up for free magazines was silly.  I felt that it was a waste of paper and that no one would ever really read all these random magazines that were out there for free.  I initially only signed up for the magazines I know we would read, but then decided to see if we could use the other magazines as well.  Turns out we could use them… for several reasons.  The first benefit I saw was that the kids could use the magazine pictures for homework, school projects and class assignments.  I would get so frustrated when the kids had homework that required cut out pics and things like that because we never had any magazines laying around for them to use.  The second benefit is having an interesting variety of magazines for guests to look through.  Some other benefits of taking advantage of free magazines are:

Ad hoc posters for the kids (and your office wall)

My son loves dinosaurs and reptiles, so when I saw this two page spread of this lizard, I knew he would want it for his bedroom wall.

Special Inserts

Dirt Rider magazine had special punch out 3D glasses and a 2 page poster.  The glasses can be used again for anything requiring 3D glasses.

Coupons and Coupon Codes, Free Items and Discounts

The amount of coupons and discounts you receive in these free magazines makes it worth while to just go ahead and subscribe.  The magazines are free and it only takes a couple minutes of your time to sign up.  So the next time you see an opportunity to nab a free subscription, think twice and do it!


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