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Jingit – Make $1.70 Today

on October 23, 2012


There are a ton of sites out there that give you money for doing things like watching videos, reading emails, rating commercials, etc.  Most pay very little, are boring to do and are not really worth the time.  This newer program called Jingit is much more interesting, much less involved and it actually pays decent money.  I like how short the videos are and how quick and easy the process is.  Note that you can apply for a Jingit debit card, but you have to pay for it, which you can do with your Jingit earnings.  They did cost $2, but it might be $3 I am not sure.  I know the price was supposed to go up.  I got mine about a month ago.

I have made around $8 so far and that is without checking in at Walmart or anything like that.  I made this amount simply from watching commercials and answering a couple questions.  I have read about others who earn around $20 every couple weeks or more by checking in, watching videos, etc.   I make about $1.70 per day right now just watching videos and answering a few short questions afterwards.  To find out more information about Jingit and to enroll and start earning click HERE.



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